Aeropro A25 Air Powered Diaphragm Pump


  • Diaphragm life up to 18million times
  • Patented commuator construction, long time
  • 100% Transmission effieciency
  • Available for 4- 6 spray guns simultaneosly
  • Especially suitable for conveyance fluid, paint spraying


  • Paint oulet coupler
  •  Air Inlet Coupler
  • Unique air circulation structure which provided with long life cycle and stallfree
  • Stainless steel standard parts high certain capacity
  • Long life use the import diaphragm from Taiwan, durable diapraghm since available for 32million times, flexible for air change
  • Ball valve Teflon ball valve , resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Paint Inlet coupler
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