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The Benefits of Maintaining Your Compressor?

To ensure the smooth running of operations and avoid interruptions and unexpected downtime, it is crucial to have a compressor maintenance program in place that prevents — rather than reacts to — problems with the air compressor and all attached tools and machinery. Let me explain some of the benefits of a well-maintained compressor: 

1. Avoiding Downtime 

One of the foremost benefits of air compressor maintenance is that it makes the equipment run smoothly and more efficiently and decreases occurrences of system downtime. As anyone who runs an air compressor facility knows, downtime can be a very costly problem because when the machines fail to function, it halts production.

2. Saving Money by Avoiding Costly Emergency Repairs

With reduced occurrences of downtime and parts failure in your air compressor system, you save money. As such, you profit both ways — through increased productivity and reduced overhead. The money you save through timely compressor maintenance allows you to invest more in better equipment as innovations reach the market.

3. Lower Energy Costs 

When you perform air compressor maintenance on a regular schedule, it allows you to catch instances where a function within the system is over-exerting or struggling to maintain an expected rate of production. When such issues do arise, it is often down to a part that needs cleaning, replacement or lubrication. By spotting these problems before they grow out of hand, the machine runs smoother and more efficiently, which translates to energy savings.

4. Increase Air Compressor Life and Efficiency

Of course, the greatest benefit of air compressor maintenance is that it increases the life and efficiency of the machine itself and the system as a whole. When you add up the initial cost of investment in an air compressor and all the attached pneumatic tools, you want to ensure a return on that investment through years of optimal performance. Ideally, the money you spend on your compressor system should reward you thousands and thousands of times over through productivity.

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