Any Garage Equipment You’re Looking For

Here at Tackly Hardware & Machinery, we provide you with any garage equipment you need for your workshop or your car. Our 3 main brands are Nichi, Sunjac and Honiko.

Under the brand of Sunjac, we have oil exchangers, wheel diameter measurers, tilting columns, oil drainers, exhaust pipe benders and 3 different types of jacks.

Nichi has shop presses, porta power sets, engine supports, cross beam adaptors, shop cranes, engine stands, jack stands, creepers, motorcycle lift tables, part washer, gear puller, 3 layer trolleys, 2 different pipr benders and 7 different types of jacks.

Last but not least, Honiko provides you wtih the best oil pumps and grease pumps.

Helvi Battery Chargers

In addition to the garage equipment mentioned above, we also have battery chargers under the brand Helvi.

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