We are the Sole Distributor of PUMA

PUMA is a well known international brand and its over 40 years in Malaysia.
Durable, Performance & Services is our main concern to ensure Industry Grade Quality.


We care about our customer’s productivity. High resistance material are used to ensure our products last longer with heavy usage.


Our engineers design various choices to fit on every job to ensure your job can be done better, faster and more efficiently.


No worry about services. We provided free consultation and we have ready spare parts. It can be solved immediately. 

Wide Range of Air Compressors

Here is a list of the product types

Portable Type

Bring your compressor with you anywhere, anytime. From the garage to your working place. It’s handy and portable.

MB-0104 (1/8HP)
XN-2040 (2HP)

Classic Type

This is the most common air compressor you can find everywhere from the garage to production with the horizontal tank.

Normal Pressure (up to 10kg / bar)
PK2090 (2HP)              PK75-250 (7.5HP)
PK30-120 (3HP)           PK100-300 (10HP)
PK50-160 (5HP)           PK150-300 (15HP)

High Pressure (up to 15kg / bar)
TK30-160 (3HP)            TK100-300 (10HP)
TK50-250 (5HP)            TK150-300 (15HP)
TK75-300 (7.5HP)

Vertical Type

Limited space? With this vertical type compressor, the tank sits vertically. Space is no more and issue.

TK50-250V (5HP)
TK75-250V (7.5HP)

Engine Type

No electricity? No problem. This compressor can be run with gasoline or diesel.

PUK20-100G (2HP)
GT55-160G (5.5HP)
GT55-250G (5.5HP)

Silence / Oil Less Type

Air quality matter? Mostly use on Medical lines, Food Industries, Laboratories and more.

WE125 (1HP)
WE110A-3 (4.5HP)
OLD2010V (2HP)

Screw Type

Running 24hours a day? You need this for non-stop production and energy saving.

Belt Driven Type
SE-10 (10HP)                SE-30 (30HP)
SE-20 (20HP)                SE-50 (50HP)

Belt Driven / Frequency Inverter
SE-10V (10HP)              SE-30V (30HP)
SE-20V (20HP)              SE-50V (50HP)

Direct Type
SE-75D (75HP)              SE-100D (100HP)

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