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Puma Products

About Puma Air Center

Puma is a global brand that specializes in the manufacturing of air compressors, air tools, pressure vessels, and related accessories worldwide. With the effective application of PDM, SCM, GLM, CRM, and ERP management systems, Puma is determined to achieve a diversified and comprehensive business philosophy.

Why Choose Puma

Throughout the years, Puma has been focusing on research and innovation. The brand specializes in manufacturing high-quality products and implements an efficient management system into its core business strategy to boost its competitiveness. To compete in the global market, Puma has obtained the ISO 9001/13485, CE/REACH, UL, CSA certificates, Taiwan Excellence Awards, and many international patents and trademark registration.

Wide Range of Puma Tools

Choose from our wide range of Puma products — refrigerated air dryers, air hose reels, air dusters, air brushes, air engine cleaning guns, air sand blasters, air hammers, ratchet wrenches, air sander, and more.